Fix a "Nuked" Blackberry

Last night I received a weird phone call, from a number I didn’t recognized.  I answered it and no one responded back so I hung up.   Didn’t look at my phone until my husband said “Your phone is doing something weird”.   I had what I’ll consider the equivalent of the Windows Blue Screen of Death, but it was the Blackberry OS and it was a White Screen of Death….with the never ending spinning hourglass (WSOD w/NESH).

In the past I’ve removed the battery from my phone left it out for a few minutes and then reinserted it in and all was well.   Well, I removed the battery, put it back in the phone and then just went to bed assuming all would be fine when I woke up.  However, this was not the case.  When I woke up I still had the WSOD w/ NESH.

So to the internet I went and did some research.    I was able to fix the problem and I will tell you how!

First there are three things you can try if for some reason your Blackberry is just frozen.  1. Press down the ALT+RIGHT SHIFT(CAP)+DELETE, and this will reboot the Blackberry, much like CNTRL+ALT+DEL does in Windows!  2.  Press those same keys down two times in a row, sometimes this does the trick.  3.  Then when all else fails pull the battery out and leave it out for about a minute.

However in my case, my Blackberry OS was corrupt,  I concluded this from many articles that I read.  Only do this if nothing else is working on your phone and if you have a backup of your information.  If you don’t have a backup be prepared to lose all your data!  I highly recommend going to the Crackberry website for help .   So, I had to find a new copy of the Blackberry OS for my older Blackberry Curve from Verizon.   When I used the search feature through Verizon Wireless’s website all I got with every search were PDFs.   So, I decided to just Google it (exact same words in my search), and found a very helpful website that pointed me to the spot I needed to be on the Verizon website.  The web site can be found here: . It should lead you to the correct OS for your model and service!    I followed the link to my Blackberry and downloaded it and installed it on my computer.

I then followed the steps that I found from this Crackberry  web site video. .   My reinstall did not go as smoothly as this video but eventually I got it to work.   I also had to reactivate my phone which if you dial *228 on the Verizon Network you can activate your phone but also if you listen and select the second option it will also update your roaming capabilities.   You should do this every so often as new cell towers are being built all the time.

If you have Verizon Wireless I highly recommend you download and use the free program called “Backup Assistant”.  This program will upload all of your contacts to Verizon’s web site and save them for you to download to a new phone or to a phone that you had to completely reinstall the OS on.  Update your backup’s often so that you have the most recent contact information.


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