CASE STUDY: How Knowlton Uses Experts Exchange to Advance His Career

Jenn PrenticeContent Manager
Who: Tom Knowlton, Web Developer & Experts Exchange member since 1998

What: Uses Experts Exchange to obtain answers to programming questions.

Why: Experts Exchange connects Tom with a professional community of subject matter experts who have helped advance his career and save time and money.  

When Tom Knowlton signed up for an Experts Exchange membership on May 10, 1998, he wanted to find answers to a few programming questions.  Twelve years later, Tom is more active on the site than ever—logging in three to four times a day—and realizes what an integral part Experts Exchange has played in his career and professional development.  

“As my knowledge has grown, Experts Exchange has been there for me, both helping me and even teaching me better ways to do things,” Tom says.  

In fact, Tom has expanded his expertise so much that he earns free access to the site by answers a few technology questions each month.  

Tom can be found asking and answering questions in zones like ASP.NET, C#, Adobe Products (Flash, Photoshop, etc), IIS, Javascript and jQuery.  When he asks a question, Tom says he usually gets two or three different approaches to solving the problem, ranging from simple to moderately complex answers, but always resulting in the perfect solution.  

Recently, Tom was having trouble with some ActionScript 3.0 code and some Experts came to his rescue:

“I was trying to get some ActionScript 3.0 code to work with a simple button.  I did not realize that the ActionScript code needed to be in a separate ActionScript file, instead of associated with a key frame in the timeline itself.  Once I put the ActionScript code into its own file and then IMPORTED the ActionScript file via the code for the began working!  Honestly, I don't think I ever would have found this subtle but important information out as quickly as the gurus on Experts Exchange were able to do.  Their advice was right on the money.”

In addition to asking questions, Tom says that searching Experts Exchange’s knowledgebase of nearly three million solutions as well as referring back to his own Question History has saved him hundreds of hours.

“I’d say I save about four hours of time per question I ask,” Tom says.

So what sets Experts Exchange apart from other technology question and answer sites on the Internet? For Tom, it’s the professionalism he encounters when asking a question.

“The Experts who reply (to my questions) realize that we all start somewhere, and they are able to put their ego aside and help me out.  I appreciate the time and effort they put forth, and I sing Experts Exchange praises to anyone who will listen.”

Want to put the power of thousands of technology Experts to work for you or your company?  Purchase an Experts Exchange Business Account.  Know a thing or two about technology yourself? Answer questions to earn free access to Experts Exchange.

Full disclosure: jennhp is an Experts Exchange employee, writing on behalf of the company.  

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