Outlook View Control OVC |  part one | Putting the OVC on an Access 2007 form.

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I have seen a lot of questions about putting calendars on forms and viewing your Outlook inbox in Access. Even though many people will tell you putting the activex Outlook view control on a form is not possible i am here to show you it is. Here are the steps.

1.      Create a new blank form and go to your forms Design View. if you’re not there already right click on your form and click “design view”.
2.      insert a "Microsoft Forms 2.0 Frame" active x control onto the new form that you just created.
3.      right click on the frame you just inserted into your from.
4.      in the right click menu that pops up move up to “frame Object” and select “edit”
5.      At this point you will see the “toolbox” menu popup. Right click inside the tool box “controls” tab. (If you don’t see a menu  its because you clicked outside of the “controls” tab area.)
6.      In the right click menu click on "Additional Controls"
7.      in the additional controls menu scroll down and check the box next to  "Microsoft Office Outlook View Control. (this may already be checked)
8.      after you have clicked in the box next to “microsoft Office Outlook view control” and there is an x in the box  click the OK button.
9.      Now in the tool box a new button will appear that looks like a list box.  if you mouse over it it will have a tool tip that says "ViewCtl." click on that button.
10.      After you click on the button click go back to your frame control  (the tan box) you have on your form  and draw/drag out a box a box.

Bam!! you should at this point you should see Outlook on your form. it should default to showing your Inbox. If you do not see your inbox check out my part two to this where I will show you how to change what is being displayed in your OVC including the calendar which you will want to see.

I added some screen shots in the image below that you can look at which might help.  
Ok that's it for part 1

Part 2 in the series can be found at : https://www.experts-exchange.com/Microsoft/Development/MS_Access/A_4617-Outlook-View-Control-OVC-part-two-Changing-folders-and-interacting-programmatically-Access-2007.html

Thank you for reading.

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