7 Totally Cool Features in Windows 7

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Here is an article I posted on my personal blog several months ago. I figured the users of EE might enjoy it, and the users that haven't converted from Windows XP to 7, might make the decision faster just to try the cool features out. Here it is:

Being released back in October of 2009, Windows 7 is hitting its peak of popularity. Microsoft finally ironed out most of its wrinkles that were in Windows XP and Vista, making Windows 7 an amazing piece of software!

Here are seven excellent features in Windows 7:

1.  Faster Boot Time – While this feature might not seem that great, it has its benefits. Windows 7 boots up an astonishing 20% faster than its predecessor, Windows Vista. With our fast-paced business world, this is one of the most important and time saving features for today’s business executive.

2.  Windows XP Mode – Do you have a software package that doesn’t support anything besides Windows XP? Have no fear, Windows 7 is here! Microsoft introduced this new feature to make transitioning from Windows XP to Windows 7 a smooth and relaxing ride. Windows XP mode gives you a free virtual copy of Windows XP, at the click of your mouse button!

3.  Automatic Desktop Wallpaper Shuffling – Is your current desktop image boring? Bring the live back into your computer with this great feature! Windows 7 offers a wide array of unique desktop wallpapers that shuffle so you never get stuck looking at the same picture for weeks again! Best of all, if you get sick of the current image, a quick right-click will change the image instantly!

4.  Multiple Instances of the Same Program - Have you ever wished you could easily open two, three, or even four instances of the same program? Maybe you want to check your e-mail in one Internet Explorer window, browse Facebook in a second window, and take over Second Life in a third? Well, Windows 7 lets you do just that. Simply hold down the SHIFT key while left-clicking on the first instance of the program in the Windows taskbar, and viola! A second instance is opened.

5.  Blu-Ray Support - As you probably realized by now, Blu-Ray won the hi-def DVD war. Although it will take many years for this format to become mainstream in all households, it is fully supported by Windows 7. The operating system includes native functionality to read and write Blu-Ray discs.

6.  Snap Your Windows to Size – If you are sick of bouncing back and forth between an information source and your report, then Windows 7’s new Snap feature is just for you! Simply drag your information source to the left of the screen, and *SNAP* - it automatically resizes to half of the screen size. Then, drag your report window to the right, and once again, *SNAP*- it does the same. No more bouncing back and forth between windows – they are both right in front of you.

7.  Shake ‘em Away – Finally, one of my favorite features – Not necessarily because I always use it, but because it’s REALLY cool! Ever had 5 Notepad, two PowerPoint and 25 Outlook windows open? Want to minimize all of them except the most important one? In Windows 7, you can! Grab the top of the window and shake it around to scare away all of the other open windows. Simple.
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