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Best database to display Maps on your application

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Best database to use for Maps is PostgreSQL.

This is an open source database. Comes as a package with most Linux OS.

For more info visit the following site:

This requires some add-ons to get the Map functionality.

1. PostGIS
2. pgrouting

1. PostGIS: PostGIS adds support for geographic objects to the PostgreSQL object-relational database.
For more info and downloads visit the following site:

2. pgrouting: This provides routing functionality to PostGIS / PostgreSQL.
The algorithms that works with this are:
a. Shortest Path Dijkstra -- well known shortest path algorithm with exact result
b. Shortest Path A* -- shortest path algorithm with heuristics
c. Shortest Path Shooting Star -- shortest path algorithm for real road networks (cares about restrictions) with heuristics
d. Traveling Sales Person (TSP)
e. Driving Distance calculation
For more info and downloads visit the following site:

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