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Shutdown Windows XP/Vista/7 with iOS using Mobile Mouse

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Ever wanted to watch videos in your computer from the bed without the need of standing up and shutting down the computer?  Is your computers operating system Windows XP, Windows Vista or Windows 7?  Do you own a iOS device? If all the answers were yes, this article is for you!

Lets get to it:

1. Step 1

Buy Mobile Mouse in your iOS device, http://itunes.apple.com/us/app/air-mouse-pro-remote-trackpad/id289616509?mt=8&ign-mpt=uo%3D6

2. Step 2

Download the mobile mouse server from http://mobilemouse.com/

3. Step 3

Install the server on your Windows computer.

4. Step 4

Create the shutdown.bat file (a bat file is like a txt file but with a different file extension, it executes a commands.):
chdir C:\Windows\System32\
shutdown -s -f -t 60

Open in new window

5. Step 5

Create the abort_shutdown.bat file:
chdir C:\Windows\System32\
shutdown -a

Open in new window

6. Step 6

Place the shutdown.bat and abort_shutdown.bat in the C: Drive, or wherever you want it to be located.

7. Step 7

Open the Server Settings on the notifications area.
See here:Server Settings Notification Area

8. Step 8

Click on Hot Key Setup button that is located at the bottom of the Server Settings window.
See here:Server Settings

9. Step 9

On the 1, click on Program, browse to your shutdown.bat and select it, At the left of the filepath write a shortcut (I wrote ShDn on mine, why because if I would wrote ShutDown instead of ShDn it would show something like ShutD...).

10. Step 10

On the 2, click on Program, browse to your abort_shutdown.bat and select it, At the left of the filepath write a shortcut (I wrote Abort on mine).

This is how it Should look like:Hot Key

11. Step 11

Click OK on the Hot Key Setup window, then click Done on the Server Settings window.

12. Step 12

Time to test it:  grab your iOS device and open the Mobile Mouse, at the left of the apps keyboard there is an F key, click it, and you are supposed to see ShDn and Abort keys, try them.Test
I hope this was useful and worked for you, feel free to post any comments!  Let me know if you are having any trouble with the setup.  Thanks for reading :)

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