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VIDEO: Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity Planning

In this CloudClass Webinar, Quest CTO Mike Dillon gives an overview of the steps involved in building a dynamic disaster recovery plan. Through case studies and an examination of software/hardware tools for monitoring and testing, you'll gain a better understanding of where you are, where you want to be and how to get there with your disaster recovery plan. You'll learn more about:

Business objectives and drivers of a disaster recovery plan
Compliancy regulations to determine appropriate level of preparedness
Steps to determine if your current disaster recovery plans are adequate
How to generate a report of your disaster recovery strengths and loopholes
Testing and remediation
A high-quality version of this video is available for download  (it's a 70 MB file, so it may take awhile--requires gotomeeting codec and Windows Media 9). For worksheets, additional assistance or more information about Experts Exchange, please contact our customer support team.

About the Presenter:

Mike Dillon brings over 18 years of engineering and security experience to his role as the Chief Technology Officer for Quest. As CTO, Dillon leads the technology strategy development and planning for the company. He also serves as chief consultant and director for Professional Services, overseeing a team of consultants, engineers, and project managers. Dillon created and developed the Quest Application and Management Service Providers platforms that are ongoing today.

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