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Reduce the Page size Asp.Net

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Hi all,

   While many today have fast Internet connection, there are many still who do not, or are connecting through devices with a slower connect, so light web pages and fast load times are still popular.

   If your ASP.NET page is heavy and will take some time to load, you risk that the user will close browser window or go to some faster web site.


Let we see how to  possible to reduce size of page without removing useful content.

1.       Change the Comment Line Client side to Server side in the aspx


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2.  Remove any inline JavaScript , Create a external .js file and Call in the aspx

3   Explicitly Call Dispose or Close on Resources You Open

  If Not(conn Is Nothing) Then
  End If
End Try

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4. Ensure Debug Is Set to False
<%@ Page [b]debug="false"[/b] ... %>

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5   Remove any inline Style class, Create a external .CSS file and Call in the aspx

6   Set EnableViewState="false"  for label in the Aspx page
     [ If no need the viewstate value any control - set EnableViewState="false" ]

7 Disable the View State in server side for Datagrid Bound select columns

private void Page_PreRender(object sender, System.EventArgs e)
            foreach (DataGridItem dgi in dgdItemList.Items)
                dgi.Cells[ID].EnableViewState = false;
                dgi.Cells[ItemUD].EnableViewState = false;
                dgi.Cells[DateCreated].EnableViewState = false;
                dgi.Cells[Subject].EnableViewState = false;

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8. URL Mapping

    url mapping facility to change the long url to shorter url and reduce the page size like below in coding

Example 1
      ../Applications/IconViewer.aspx       to      ../vwr.aspx
Example 2
             /domain/ApplicationLauncher.aspx     to      /domain/lau.aspx

 In web.config
            <pages validateRequest="false">

                                 <urlMappings enabled="true">
                  <add url="~/vwr.aspx" mappedUrl="~/Application/IconViewer.aspx"/>
                  <add url="~/lau.aspx" mappedUrl="~/domain/Launcher.aspx"/>

9. In html table, every TR, For every TD, width is specified. Normally browsers won’t render the TD for each row differently It only consider about the first row TDs. So only set width for the first row TDs

10 .Default TD alignment is left.So the attribut align=left removed

11. While launch the application javascript window.open is used instead of that move the reusable coding and call the JS function

12. Remove the target window name from the link and control that too in javascript function

More details :

Reducing page size will enable faster download but page size is not only area where you need to look.
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Reduce the Page size Asp.Net

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