Introduction to PC's 101 for New Computer Users

Hello to users to the new age of computers. There are so many products to choose from nowadays that you maybe confused to understand which product is the correct product for you. Let me explain briefly what should be the idea product for your best needs and to lessen the confusion between all these cool gadgets.

Desktop (PC) - This would be a product for users that need a power computer with room for growth. If you are a gaming enthusiast, video editor, power user or someone that needs to multitask many applications this would be the best selection for you.

Desktop (MAC) - If you like your products more stylish and user-friendly, MAC is the way to go. But otherwise I believe the purposes are the quite the same.

Net book - A great item for light new computer users. What does this mean. Mostly if you travel a lot and only want to check email, watch a few movies and handle some light applications and games. A great battery life on these items that can last up to 8-10 hours. Something a full scale laptop will never be able to do in a while.

Laptop - More for the power user that needs power on the go. Students and professional workers should want one of these instead of net books because they can do so much more. Even laptops with excellent video cards are available for gaming enthusiasts. Can they help you present slideshows in meetings, and for students taking notes in class and doing homework on campus a much easier life.

Tablets and ipad - Great idea that if your a  person that needs those cool apps on the go. Good for reading documents and eBooks. Good for taking movies on the go and stuff also. Bad thing about ipad and the ipad2 is that flash is not yet supported. This is something the blackberry playbook has excelled over the apple ipad. But in popularity wise the ipad is still the huge favorite in this battle among the tablet wars. So which is this best tablet for me? There is quite a few, so depending on your own needs you will need to weigh the pros and cons.

Hope this information gives you a little inside to the PC world.


  Cephas Chan

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Would anyone be able to read this if they wewre not a member of experts exchange?
Top Expert 2012

A little bit simple - perhaps you can put in more explanations of the advantages and disadvantages of each?
pportImplementations Specialist

Surface Pro has been shifting the thought of what is a "tablet" in past years, especially since you can have full on Windows now. Just my two cents.


Yes lots of 2 in 1 are out now, and tablets or many other new devices that cover a whole new different range of uses and functions.  I wrote that article many years ago. Go technology.

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