Choosing the best free Web based E-Mail Service

Hi there people, we all send and receive e-mails almost everyday, but has anybody wondered which is the best e-mail service out there. I am talking about web based e-mail here, one that is available to all. I took the following E-mail services into consideration.

(i)Gmail  from Google Inc

(ii)Yahoo Mail from Yahoo Inc
(iii)Hotmail,Live from Microsoft Corporation

(iv)Gawab Mail from Gawab

(v)Zoho Mail from Zoho

(vi)AOL Mail from AOL Inc

(vii)Big String Mail from Big String Inc

In my opinion I would say G-Mail,lets ignore the look and feel part and talk about the features.

1) All sessions are encrypted,which includes login as well as browsing mails. G-Mail is one of the few who offer this. This feature is one the most advanced in G-Mail.

2) Integration with google docs online enables to view and edit received documents without having to install all the required software in your system.

3) Less spam, I will not say no spam,but spams are clearly distinguished as spams. I have experienced spam filters of various e-mail services but none prove effective as gmail spam filter.

4) Faster receipt and sending of mails - G-Mail SMTP and POP gateways are really fast. Some of the mail services mentioned above have experienced issues (refer forums of yahoo mail, zoho etc.,). With G-Mail there has been no history of such issues.

5) Built in search which incorporates the powerful Google search algorithm.

6) Better display of ads,they are displayed in an efficient yet non-hindering sort of way. Yahoo and other mail services have a very bad way of displaying ads, and these can also be security issues because ads are usually hot linked directly to other sites. So more flash and image content poses security risks.

7) Account recovery is very efficient, only those who actually own the account can retrieve it back, since it asks various questions related to last email sent and contacts etc.,

8) All other basic features such as built in chat, unlimited storage, drag and drop attachments etc etc.,

9) Interface is faster than most other competitors and its functionality is constant across all browsers.

10) No Folders, but Labels offer better functionality. You can find many forums online which discuss this, but many argue to the point that they have experience with folders and stick to that. There is nothing that labels cannot do when compared with folders.

11) With advanced filters, the mail reception process can be customized to a great extent. Even automatic forwarding of E-Mails can be easily configured.

Beyond this..many would say that Google scans your e-mails. But it has been clearly mentioned in their privacy policies that he uses them to display more meaningful ads.

Considering the above features,we can say that G-Mail has the features of many E-Mail services combined and much more.
As of now no other E-Mail service offers such comprehensive suite of services, so we can say that G-Mail is the best Web based E-Mail Service you can choose.


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