Microsoft TMG 2010 / 2006 - Cannot Delete or Change Publishing Rule - Error: 0x80070002 - The system cannot find the file specified.

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So the following errors occurs in 2 ways that I am aware of at this stage, and you receive one of the following error messages:

1. When trying to save a rule: No Web listener is specified for the Web publishing rule Autodiscovery Publishing Rule.
The error occurred on object 'Autodiscovery Publishing Rule' of class 'Policy Rule' in the scope of array 'HKFW1'.
2. When trying to delete the problematic rule: The item selection could not be completed due to an unexpected error.
2.1 Error: 0x80070002
2.2 Error Details: The system cannot find the file specified

The only icon that is listed in the faulty rule is the allow Icon as seen in the solution below.

1. Going through the steps, you have the following rule (With a different name) and the only icon that is listed in the faulty rule is the allow Icon.
 Faulty rule2. When trying to delete the rule you get an error that "The system cannot find the file specified" after clicking on the Details button
 Error Message3. Ok so the only way to resolve this is by opening ADSIEdit on your proxy server.
4. To open ADSIEdit, on your Proxy server click start and type "ads" and you will notice "ADSI Edit" in the Programs section as seen below, hit Enter or click on ADSI Edit to open it.
 Open ADSI Edit5. When ADSI Edit opens right click on ADSI Edit and click Connect to... as seen in the below image
 ADSI Edit - Connect to...6. In the Configuration Settings Tab do the following:
6.1 Tick the "Select or type a Distinguished Name or Naming Context:" radio button and type CN=FPC2 in the space provided.
6.2 Now Tick the Select or type a domain or server: (Server | Domain [:port]) radio button and type localhost:2171 after these steps has been completed your window should look as follow
 ADSIEdit - Connection Settings7. Now expand your tree to the following:
7.1 Default naming context [localhost:2171] (This could also have your server name in the place of the localhost)
7.2 CN=FPC2
7.3 CN=Array-Root
7.4 CN=Arrays
7.5 CN={ID of your Array}
7.6 CN=ArrayPolicy
7.7 CN=PolicyRules
7.8 So you should be in the same location as the image below discribes
Navigation Path8. Now comes the time consuming part, you would have to right click on each of the below objects to find the faulty rule, so right click on the each as shown below and click properties
 Property Selection9. After selecting properties you will need to scroll down to msFPCName (As this is where the rule name that we are looking for will appear)
10. When you find the faulty rule in my case Exchange OWA as seen below
 Faulty Publishing Rule11. You will now right click on the rule and click delete
12. Now you will receive the following prompt to confirm deletion, click Yes
 Confirm Deletion13. On the next screen select OK
14. Now close your Forefront TMG Console if it is still open
15. And finally open TMG Console again.

The faulty rule should now be gone, and your TMG should be as before.

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Hendrik Wiese
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