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Yesterday Apple introduced their revolutionary new iOS 5 operating system that claims to be the ultimate mobile technology interface. One of the biggest innovations of the new operating system is the introduction of the iCloud computing network. This new technology allows users to seamlessly integrate all of their data and information onto Apple's server and access it from anywhere. While the service is still in its early phases, there are some issues that Apple is still working on to make the iCloud better.

When logging onto the iCloud website, you have to use your Apple ID and password to access your account. After logging onto the website, you are able to access all of your contacts, calender, and files stored on mobile devices like the iPhone and iPad. If you lose all of your contacts due to a freak accident, you will not have to Google yourself in order to reclaim your life. All you have to do is log onto the iCloud website and retrieve numbers. You can not access your iTunes account or other digital media which is a problem the company will need to fix in the very near future if they want to compete with other companies claiming to have cloud services.

One of the coolest features on the new iCloud service is the "Find My iPhone" tool which uses your device's GPS in order to locate your phone wherever it is. This is a huge deterrent to iPhone theft and pawning because an owner can easily track where their phone is. It also brings up privacy concerns because law enforcement can track you down more easily.

When users tried to download the new operating system after its release, Apple saw a slowdown of all of their servers. This could have been because so many people were eager to use iOS 5, but more likely it was because of the data limitations that the iCloud had on users. When I downloaded the new operating system, it took me the better chunk of a night and I still couldn't get my iCloud configured before Letterman came on.

The iCloud is not a one-stop fix for all of your tech related needs yet. It is still difficult to access your media such as music, movies, and television shows on the network. While the service is still in its infancy, it is important to become an early adapter in order to give valuable feedback to make the product better in the future.
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