SEO Basics: 5 SEO Secrets for Creating Content that Drives Traffic


A step by step SEO guide to creating content that drives traffic and maximizes page views by using the right tricks, tools and keyword analysis.

You are the subject matter expert.  

You have forgotten more about your area of expertise than most other people will ever know.  You can create content that engages, educates and entertains.  BUT, are you getting the most eyeballs to come look at this wonderful content?  If you aren’t optimizing your content for search engines, the answer is absolutely not!  

Good news, optimizing your content is easier than you think!

In this series, we’ll examine 5 tips and tricks that will help you make the next piece of content you produce find its way in front of more eyeballs and generate more page views.  Best of all, it’s not that difficult of a concept to master and you don’t need to change what you do, you just need to know what tools to use and how to use them.  

By using these 5 SEO secrets, you will not only have quality content that resonates with your readers, but you will also make sure that it shows up as high as possible in the search results for them as well.  

When you’re finished, you should have some great tools and concepts in your content tool belt that will help you create content that drives traffic, engagement, links and higher placement on search engine results pages.  

Even better, the process cycles up:

Good content = links = exposure and higher ranking = more visits = even more links = more exposure and even higher ranking… wash, rinse, repeat until you reach WORLD DOMINATION!!!

So, if you set yourself up for success by integrating these secrets into your content writing, you can sit back and watch the eyeballs come reading!

Let’s get started.

NEXT CHAPTER: Tools for Success – In-Depth Analysis Made Easy(er)

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Introduction: SEO Basics: 5 SEO Secrets for Creating Content that Drives Traffic
Secret #1: Tools for Success – In-Depth Analysis Made Easy(er)
Secret #2: Keyword Placement – Positioning is Everything
Secret #3: Keyword Variation & Relation – Because ‘Other’ Keywords Matter, Too!
Secret #4: Making Your Content a Resource – Going Above and Beyond
Secret #5: Sharing your Content – Because Links are SEO Gold!
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