Create a Dynamic Distribution List in Exchange 2010 to include all users in your Organization

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I had a question today on Expert Exchange where the user wanted to know how he can create an email (called info@domain.com) on Exchange that includes all mail enabled user's in the Organization. So I thought that I would create this easy to follow tutorial for anyone that would like to do this in the future.

Ok so the goal is simple:
1. We want to create an email called info@domain.com
2. This group should include all mail enabled users in the Organization.
3. So when an email gets sent to info@domain.com every single user in your Organization will receive a copy of the email.

To accomplish this we will be creating a Dynamic Distribution Group within Exchange 2010 and apply it to your top level domain so it includes all mail enabled users in your Organization:

Now lets start by opening Exchange Management Console:
1. In Exchange Management Console expand Microsoft Exchange then browse to  Recipient Configuration and then select Distribution Group
2. Now Right Click in the middle window and Select "New Dynamic Distribution Group..." or you could also select the "New Dynamic Distribution Group..." from  the action pane located on the far right of your console.
 Create New3. Now click browse and select your top domain. By including your top level domain this group will search all mail objects within your Organization.
4. Enter the Group Name and Alias (In this case we will call it info) then click next:
 Name your Dynamic DG5. Now in the filtering settings leave as is to include all users and click next:
Note: Should you wish to target only specific users please see the following for filter descriptions: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/bb123722.aspx
 Filtering Settings6. We don't need to select anything on the conditions window, just select Next
 Conditions7. Now click New and all users will be part of the list
 Finish8. Finally click Finish

All users will now be part of info and will receive mails being sent to it.

To verify that all users are in fact part of your list, do the following:
1. Open the newly created group and select the conditions tab:
Group Properties - Conditions Tab2. Click on the Preview Button to preview all users.

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