How to create Your OWN Server - PHP + MYSQL + APACHE (windows)

Hi, in this article I'm going to teach you how to run your own site, and how to let people in (without IP).

I'll talk about and explain each step... :)

By the way, everything in this Tutorial is completely free and legal. This article is for windows but will work on mac and linux as well.

1. wamp server
Wamp server it is basically a software system that runs a linux server. This software has everything you need to run a site including: php enigne, apache and MYSQL database. It does make it fairly easy to get a site up and running and it is simple to use.

MYSQL is a database (open source) that lets us work with data, SQL..
Apache is a software web server that organizes the requests for the server. If there is more then one user in, there should be a queue, so it works throught the queue one by one in order of the requests.
PHP engine runs our php code, the compiler converts our php source code to computer language... (010010101) hh :)
So... now you know the components, let's get to work.

download links:
1. - download the version that you want...
2. - download the version to your operating system..
3. register at no-ip site: - register, you will need to confirm the email, take that into account before you try to use.

OK, after that, setup the wamp server that you downloaded - when installing, use the defaults - just press next and next and next..


and next..


any step, just click next next and next.. :)

After you done all the "next", start the wamp server. As you can see, it is red..
red = not working at all.
orange = only mysql work, apache doesn't work.. (not good :)
green = both, mysql and apache server work, the server up and running..

BUT!!!! As you can see, it is not online!!! So only localhost work (your pc..)
When it has turned into green(the icon of wamp server), click on the menu (left click) and click Put Online..
Now, any one in the world can enter your site... but they have to enter the ip.. not so much fun.. Let's fix that!!!

So install the no ip software.. After that, enter the username and password that you registered with in the web site..

Then log in to the website, and add hosts, from this url:
Click Add a Host button on the right side of the page, and you should get the page..
After you have clicked on create host, on the right side of the page, the host will be added.
Then go back to the software and click on select Hosts
check your host name, and that's it, any one in the world that write your address will redirected to your site!!!

the software checks if your ip changed and if it does, it will update all of your domains (you can have upto 5 for free domains...)

now, you can go to your C:\wamp\www - there are the public files, where any user can reach, as you can see, the index page is the default one (unless you change the default settings on the installation). Now just start coding!!!! :)

If you have problems with turning the wampserver online mode simply wait until it becomes green, then click Put Online..
that should work...
If you still can't get it green, check your firewall, that is one of the things that makes a lot of trouble.
Reset / reboot your PC

If all of that things does not work, uninstall and reinstall the software, also check: - can get a lot of help here...

That is all, hope I helped you guys and hope that you find this article useful

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Distinguished Expert 2022

I've tried a lot of different WAMP packages (WampServer, XAMPP, Triad, etc...) but the best one so far has been EasyPHP. It is kept up to date frequently and has a simple, easy interface.

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