Vmware ESxi 5 hung on loading with message “cnic_Register Loaded Sucessfully”

Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant
I have installed vmware Esxi 5 , it was all working fine. But one day I faced a problem when loading modules of vsphere 5 , Vmware ESxi 5 hung on loading with the message “cnic_Register Loaded Sucessfully”

I read too many articles but found no article explaining this problem or the problem never happened with someone before. So, it appears to be the first strange problem. However the vmware vsphere 5 installed on HP Proliant G6 with 64 GB RAM and 2 CPU's was working fine and all Machines running smoothly with scheduled shared resources. We needed to reboot the machine manually then I would loose the connection to Vsphere , it's still working although the message on the server screen still appears and server still work using vmware vsphere client. But later on I got everything stopped and server with no response... I can not ping it either.

This article explains and presents a solution for this kind of problem. I hope you will find it easy and useful !

While loading the yellow screen appear and modules of esxi 5 loading , the message appears says “Cinc_register Loaded sucessfully” , then ESxi hang , you are unable to ping the host or access it from anywhere no ssh no vshpere client.

causes :

internal problem with vmware esxi vmkernel.

resolution :

boot for vmware esxi CD , follow instructions , after finding hard disk , an 3 options will appear :

- upgrade esxi 5 , preserve data store.

- install esxi 5 , preserve data store.

- install esxi 5 , overwire datastore.

Best practice in this case to choose first option and continue repairing esxi 5 , if it is not working as in my case , it did not work after repair , you should use the second option "install esxi 5 , preserve datastore".

The users maybe focusing on restore datastore , not to loose his machines that running and installed in vmware store , this problem is rare and never happened before (this is what the vmware support expert said) , so if someone faced this problem its easy to be resolved.

The good point in vsphere 5 that's only kernel and no risk if the installation corrupted.
Maen Abu-TabanjehNetwork Administrator, Network Consultant

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Thanks good info - just had this myself - I had to do the second option too then restore the settings - when running the second option it says something about repartitioning that had me a a little worried but when it was all completed everything was there.

Excellent!! The server stuck. Tried it and worked.  Thank you!!

Forgot to mention that even when the machine was stuck, after 5-10 mins i could see the VMs in vsphere, so in theory i could move them.

Loaded the ESXi CD. During initialization received an install message that No Network Cards identified, possibly due to NIC drivers not on installation media. Only option was to cancel, exit reboot server. Install did not complete.

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