SonicWALL SSL VPN application for iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch

amatson78Sr. Security Engineer
Some of you may have heard that SonicWALL has finally released an app for iOS devices giving us long awaited connectivity for our iPhone's, iPod's, and iPad's. This guide is just a quick rundown on how to get up and running quickly using the app.

First off you need to download the app from the App Store; just search for "SonicWALL" and you will see the SonicWALL Mobile Connect app.
 App Store
Once installed you need to setup your connection profile. Choose "Create a new connection" on the Connections Menu. You need to enter a few details including a name you want for this connection, the server IP or FQDN you want to connect too ( this is the public IP or URL for your device ) and your username and Password which are optional ( you will be prompted for them if you do not enter them here, there fields are also dependent on the settings of the VPN server ). The domain field will pre-populate based on the domains offered through the SSL VPN device.
 Connections Tab 1 Connections Tab 2
Once you enter the connections information the app will put you back to the main screen, select your newly created connection and press the green "Connect" button. You will be prompted for your username/password if not already stored and once connected the green "Connect" button will turn red and now become a "Disconnect" button. To disconnect the VPN just press this red "Disconnect" button.
Once connected there are a few information menus for you to give you some data about the VPN connection. This is helpful in troubleshooting. Clicking on the "Monitor" tab on the bottom of the app will give you the connection statistics such as your connection time, IP address connected too, your SSL VPN client internal IP, connection cipher, amount of data sent and received through the VPN, DNS information and VPN routes allowed for that user/connection. If in a tunnel all mode the routes will say "Tunnel All".
 Monitor 1 Monitor 2
The last useful tab is the "Settings" tab. In this section you can set the app to automatically connect to the VPN server when it starts without having to press the "Connect" button. You can also tell the app to automatically re-connect to a severed VPN connection and you can enable Debug Logging to troubleshoot connection issues. SonicWALL was smart to include the ability to send logs as well with the "Email Logs" option. This will create an email using your iOS client to send to their support box. You can also change the too address to examine the logs yourself.
 Settings Email
I hope this guide was informative to get you up and running quickly with the new SonicWALL SSL VPN Client for iOS devices. Please feel free to ask any questions you may have.
amatson78Sr. Security Engineer

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amatson78Sr. Security Engineer


Awesome thank you so much. I just want to give back to the awesome community. ;)

Do you have the setup on the server (Firewall) side as well?

for instance, is this setup like an L2TP, or a SSLVPN or what?  Any ideas?
amatson78Sr. Security Engineer


I have not written one but here is a link to the official SonicWALL setup for Firmware 5.6+ depending on the device you are using. This client is only for SSL VPN, will not work with L2TP.

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