How to Change Your Ringtone Settings on a Blackberry Curve

Ever have trouble updating the ringtone settings on a Blackberry Curve? If so, here are the steps for changing your ringtone settings.

1. The Key is in the Profiles | Select 'Profiles' Icon

The most interesting thing about changing your ringtone settings is that once you know where to start, it gets a whole lot easier.  Although you might think that the 'profile' option would be simply for selecting which profile to use on your phone, it is also used for updating the profile.  From the profile menu, scroll all the way down passed the 'off' option to 'advanced' and select the 'advanced...' option.

2. Select Which Profile to Change

When you are on the 'Profiles' menu, you will see all the different profile settings--loud, vibrate, quiet, Normal, etc.  At this point you simply need to select which profile you want to change.  Scroll to the desired profile option and select it.

3. Select 'Phone' Option

Once you have opened your desired profile, you will be presented with a host of options from Browser to SMS Text to Push-to-Talk.  Within this list, scroll to the 'phone' option and select it.

4. Jackpot! | Time to Customize Your Profile

You will notice that there are two setting groups: 'out of holster', 'in holster'.  These simply refer to whether or not your phone is in the leather case (holster) that came with your phone, as it will auto-detect if it is in the holster or not and perform differently based on where it is.  You are now at the point where you can customize your profile settings.  You can select whether you want just the tone, just vibrate, or vibrate+tone; the tune that your phone plays; how loud you want it to be; if you want your phone to blink when you have missed a call and number of times the phone should vibrate (if the vibrate option is selected).  Update your profile to whatever settings you like, and you are ready to go!

5. You're Not Done Yet | DON'T FORGET TO SAVE!!!

But WAIT, don't hit the 'end' key--you know, the key that hangs up phone calls and is the quick/dirty way to get back to the home screen--the one with the red phone on it.  You have to save your update!  To save your updates, use the 'back' key, or the button directly to the right of the track ball.  When you select this button, the phone will prompt you to 'save', 'discard' or 'cancel'.  Select save and you are now, officially, good to go!
Happy ringing!

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This is surprisingly similar to the Nokia platform and changing a ring tone on a Nokia phone.

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