How to underlay a section in Microsoft Access Reports

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I originally created this report in Crystal Reports 2008 where there is an option to underlay sections. I initially came across the problem in Access Reports where I was unable to run my border lines down through the entire page as I was using the Page Footer so that the bottom of my report would always be the same design. Here is an example of what my printed report would come out as:

 Broken report
In the end, this is what I wanted to end up with;

 Finished report
Another issue was that I wanted my horizontal gridlines to run all the way to the bottom of the report regardless of whether there was enough data on the page to fill the detail section to the bottom or not.

I finally came to a function called MoveLayout. When you set movelayout to false, the section basically becomes suppressed and your other sections will print on top of that section just as they do in Crystal Reports.

In my example the best section for me to underlay to accomplish my goal was the page header section. By creating the page header almost the size of the entire page and then setting the On Format = to Me.MoveLayout = False, I could design the section which acts as the backround image for the entire page. In other words, I could draw up all of my borders and gridlines which would then display through the entire page without any breaks.

Most likely it will take a little time tweaking the exact alignment you are looking for as in my case I needed some white space at the top of the page header to account for the Group Header that would appear there. Here is my example of my design;

Thanks! Underlay Page

Other things I did with the report was to set the GroupHeader as Repeat Section so that if my details did span multiple pages, the groupheader would always reprint.

Let me know if you have any questions as I may have forgotten some details to this.. This is my first Article I'm posting so please be sure to comment.
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