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Now-a-days, indirectly, postal services have been replaced by email services. Yes, whenever we hear the word "email" a lot of people only think of gmail. Some people still think that email and gmail are one and the same thing :-).

Let's see some of gmail's exciting features and information. From wiki we see a great description: and I have quoted some of the more interesting parts:

"Gmail is google's free mail exchange and data exchange service. it is worlds highest priority mail service and most widely used all over the world."

"The Gmail service currently provides more than 7 GB of free storage per account."

"Gmail's spam filtering features a community-driven system: when any user marks an email as spam, this provides information to help the system identify similar future messages for all Gmail users."

G-mail service also has feature like Voice calling and Video calling. All these features google gives for absolutely Free of charge. G-mail also gives users interactive functions like instant chat service,graphical similies etc. Also from wiki, we find a good comment about mobile which is becoming more popular way to access email while on the road :

"Gmail Mobile is a version of Google's Gmail email service. It is a free service, developed to provide access to Gmail from mobile devices such as cell phones, or smartphones. Gmail Mobile offers many of the features as Gmail delivered effectively to smaller, mobile screens. Users have the ability to compose, read, archive, reply, forward, mark unread, add a star, add custom labels or trash email messages."

Because of all the above wonderious features, a lot of people are moving to or already uses gmail services. So it is obvious to have some queries on this topic. So most chatted query is how to access gmail offline. So I researched the topic and here it is an exciting article for you.

1. st Step - Google Chrome:

You will need 'Google chrome' browser to use this service so you can download it from below link if you not have it,

2. nd Step - Add-on:

After downloading it, you will need to install a 'add-on' to get your emails offline. The add-ons are nothing but extensions that add interactivity to browser and help it to perform more jobs than just showing web pages. The given add-on will help you to get your emails even if are offline. Get this add-on by follow link, and it will look like this,

3. rd Final Step - Sign in:

Just sign in to your gmail account and accept the request of add on to interact with your email's, after it you done. Your browser will automatically synchronize your mails whenever you run your browser at availability of internet connection.

For your attention, you should take into consideration while doing this
-Do not use public computer to use this technique. like internet cafe, your colleges , schools etc.
-If you do so then your information can be copied as Google chrome stores this data in it.

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