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Here are a few simple, working, games that you can use as-is or as the basis for your own games.

This is one of the simplest of all games.

The game allows for a choice of who goes first and keeps track of the number of wins for each person. Here is a picture of the game in action.
 Two-Player game in actionThe following is a variation of the game that allows you to play against the computer (which can't be beaten).

Hangman is also a simple game but depending on the word you need to solve, it can be challenging. The words used are in a file called SecretWords.txt and it's included in the zip file. You can of course add to or delete words in the list.

Here's a picture of the game in progress where the player is trying to solve the word 'elephant' and has incorrectly tried 'F'.
 Hangman in progressBlackjack
The 3rd and last game is blackjack which you can download from

The programming for this game is more complex than the other two and here is what the game looks like.
 BlackjackThe game allows you to place a bet of any size up to the limit of your bankroll (which it shows you) and after you start the hand it gives you the chance to 'Hit', 'Stick', 'Double Down' (not shown). While the hand is in progress the game keeps track of your hand count (which in this case is 20) following the normal blackjack rule where an ace counts for either 1 or 11. Another rule it follows is that the dealer must continue to hit until his total is 17 or more.

The Options menu allows you to select the design for the back of the cards, the 'table' background color, the delay time between the dealing of each dealer's card, your starting bankroll, and the number of decks in play.

Finally, the following is a very stripped down version of the blackjack game which demonstrates how to use the card deck.

It looks like this:
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