Microsoft Exchange Address Book Service will not start after migration from exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010

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Microsoft Exchange Address Book Service will not start after migration from exchange 2007 to Exchange 2001.
Introduction :
one of EE users have question that after migration from exchange 2007 to exchange 2010 found that outlook users will not work fine , after investigations i found that he need to reconfigure client access and auto discover , it was working fine after reconfigure steps but an strange problem appears that Microsoft Address Book Services will not start , the user said that he spent 2 days searching on internet but no solution found , i found the solution and here is steps and descriptions :

This problem is one of rare problems that maybe occurred after migrating from Exchange 2007 to Exchange 2010  , the user may need to re-configure auto discover and Outlook anywhere , however for unknown case the “Exchange Address Book Service “ stop working and following events are found on Event Viewer :
Event ID: 7000
The Microsoft Exchange Address Book Service Failed to start due to the following Error:
The service did not respond to the start or control request in a timely fashion.

  event ID 7000 : Microsoft Exchange address book
Event ID 7009
A timeout was reached (3000 milliseconds) while waiting for Microsoft Exchange Address Book Service to Connect.

 Event ID 7009 : Microsoft Exchange Address Book


The user side will connect to exchange server but updating take very long time which is result on failed on Outlook connection.


After long search on internet there is no solution found for this case , I have found by myself that address book service required ports to be defined on registry after reviewing the registry values required for ports to be defined , I found that these values were absent , this was the reason that why service stop responding and no longer able to start.
Here we are :

Start -> run regedit.exe
Follow these registry key:


create new REG_DWORD
name "TCP/IP Port"
assigned value :  59532 (Decimal)

then follow this  key :


created new String Value REG_SZ
Name "RpcTcpPort" (without quotation)
value : 59533

then close regedit …start Microsoft Address Book Services , it works fine...

Disclaimer: This article came about because of a question that the author was able to assist with. Setting the port number should not be a requirement to resolve this issue, and perhaps it was coincidence that it worked, but it is presented as a possible work-around if more traditional fixes have failed.

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Recommended reading : http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/ee332317.aspx


Maen Abu-Tabanjeh
IT Manager.
Amman - Jordan
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