What is an Internet Platform ?

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Internet is a big network which is formed by connecting multiple small networks.It is a platform for all the users which are connected to it.Internet act as platform in different fields. Such as:
Internet  as a collaboration platform.
Internet  as a online entrepreneurship platform.
Internet as a education platform.
Internet as a online money transaction platform.
Internet as a news and latest event describer platform.

Internet  as a collaboration platform
Internet act as a collaboration platform as you can send and receive messages, emails and you can also chat with one another person. You can also make online calls and video conferencing with other fellows.So that you and your friends collaborate with each other while you may be at one corner of the world and your friend may be in other corner of the world.
Gmail: Email from Google
This is a better way to communicate with your fellow which is in other part of a world.
This is a priceless, effective and efficient technique of communication.

Internet  as a online entrepreneurship platform
Internet  act as a online entrepreneurship platform as you can start your online business  and can also perform online marketing of you product. You can also work as a freelancer while sitting in you home and doing your job for  a organization which is in any part of the world. So that no traveling problems for you. You can earn money while working comfortably from any where.
Google AdSense – Maximize revenue from your online content
You can earn money by creating your own blog, by putting advertisement of several companies product on your website or blog,you can also make money by participating in online  surveys.
Welcome to YouGovSiraj
You can also make money by writing articles online.
Helium - Where Knowledge Rules
You can be hire as freelance programmers, web developers, designers, writers, data entry & more on the World's Largest Outsourcing Marketplace.
Freelancer.com - Hire Freelancers & Find Freelance Jobs Online

Internet as a education platform
Internet act as a education platform as you can learn online by searching on your require material or learn through distance learning, it mean that you can take admission online in any course or university and learn online by taking the classes of your course online.
Virtual University
Software training & tutorial video library

Internet as a online money transaction platform
Internet act as a online money transaction platform as you can send and receive money online through internet by using the services of PayPal, AlertPay, MoneyBookers etc.So that you can send are receive money while sitting in your home comfortably and in very effective manner.
Send Money, Pay Online or Set Up a Merchant Account with PayPal
Send & Receive Money Online | Safe & Secure with AlertPay
Moneybookers.com - Send Money - Receive Money - Online ...
simply signup to one of them and send and receive money while sitting anywhere .

Internet as a news and latest event describer platform
Internet act as a news and latest event describer platform. So that we get update of news and latest events without purchasing newspapers.It give us update rapidly without any delay while newspapers published once a day and you have to wait for next day to get update about new events and stories.
you can access thousand of e.newspaper of countries around the world without any cost.
This is a benefit of internet platform, even you can live watch online TV.
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