UCS create Ethernet Portchannel via Console

Casey HermanCitrix Engineer
This article is a how to to configure a UCS Ethernet-uplink portchannel via
the console.

It is easy to do and can be done quite quickly. In certain versions of the UCS manager the portchannel has issues coming up and this is a workaround.
I am no Cisco wizard but this makes it pretty straight forwards to create the portchannel.

1) SSH to your UCS manager using your console admin and password credentials.
2) type "scope eth-uplink"
3) type "scope fabric A" (or B) depending on which Fabric Interconnect you are adding the portchannel too.
4) type "sho port-channel" to list any portchannels that you have already made so you do not overlap the portchannel ID's
5) type " create port-channel <new portchannel ID number that you set>"                       I would make it match your network gear
6) type this for each adapter you want to add "create member-port <module #>  <port number>" then type "exit" to back you up to the port-channel scope.

IE   create member-port 1 5 <press enter>
       exit   <press enter>
      create member-port 1 6 <press enter>
       exit   <press enter>
7) type "disable"
8) type "commit-buffer" <-- this writes the config changes and keeps the adapter in a disabled state.
9) once you are ready on your network switch and your config matches on both ends you can enable the portchannel by doing this -  
type "enable" <enter> then "commit-buffer" and enable your portchannel on the switch

If you go to the UCS manager you will see the portchannel.  You may need to hard code the speed on the portchannel to get it to match your switches if autodetect doesn't work.

You can do that in the port-channel scope.
Do the connection steps above but this time you can do this instead since the portchannel is built-

"scope port-channel <portchannel #>"

then you can set the speed with the following.

"set speed <press tab a few times and it will list the options for your speeds>"

You can do all of this from the UCS manager but certain revisions I have found have a problem with the UCS manager.

Hope this helps!!


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