Install on windows 2008 server

      Install BugTracker on Windows 2008 server

Step 1:  Install windows 2008 server 32 bit OS and configure IIS.

Step 2:  Install SQL server ( SQL server 2005 or SQL server 2005 Express edition. The installer for 2008  version isn’t very friendly) on the machine

Step 3: Install .net framework 4.0.

Step 4:       Download from the link

Step 5:  Extract the zip file into a folder. Here we used a folder name “bugtracker” and place the folder  into C:\inetpub\wwwroot\

Step 6:  Create the IIS virtual directory or application

Step 7: Open IIS 7, create an Application and map it to the "www" subfolder.

Step 8: Step 8: Open SQL server management studio and create a database. Name it whatever you want. Here we have using “bugtracker” as the database name.

Step 9: Modify the "ConnectionString" setting in Web.config to point to your database server and newly created database.

     1.      Open web.config file from C:\inetpub\wwwroot\bugtracker\www\
     2.      Find the connection string

Default connection string

After changing the value of connection String

Step 10: Now try to open the website. If you got an error like the below image please do the following steps in IIS.

           1.       Open Application Pool in the IIS
           2.       Change the .NET framework version to v4.0
Step 11: Open the website once again. If you got a access denied page please do the following steps.
        1. Open the folder C:\inetpub\wwwroot\bugtracker\www\App_Data\
      2. Open the properties of the logs folder
      3. Select the security tab
      4. Click on Edit button
      5. Select IIS_IUSRS
      6. Set fullcontrol and Click on OK button.
Step 12 : Try to access the website again there is an error will be shown under the login field  like “Unable to find “bugs” table. Click to setup database tables”.  

         To solve this error do the following steps  
               1.  Click on “setup database tables” link.
                     13               2.  Now you will get a webpage name “install.aspx”, do the step 3 on this page.
                      14               3.  As per the above step open the file “setup.sql” from the path  “C:\inetpub \wwwroot\bugtracker\www”  in a text editor and copy the entire content of the file.
                  15               4.  setup.sql file content to “query.aspx” page and click on the button “Execute SQl”.
Step 13:  Open the web browser and access the website once again. You got a login window without any error.
                  17Step 14: logon to the website using the below credential
                 User Name       :  admin
                  Password      :  admin

Step 15: Finsh

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excellent one..its working...thank you very much.

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