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Benefits of Creating Courses

Unlike our competitors, you will earn 100% of your asking price for courses. In addition, instructors who sign-up early will have more topics to choose from and higher course visibility among our community.

500,000 active users

As an instructor you will be able to showcase your content to our 500,000 active members.

Earn 100% of your set price

You decide the monetary value of each course video you submit and will earn 100% of your asking price.

Share your knowledge

As an instructor you will be able to teach and share your knowledge while earning extra money.


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Course Expectations

Course Quality

The audio and visual elements must be clear and free of audio or visual distractions.

Total Length

Your entire course must last at least 20 minutes and should be divided into multiple short videos.

Course Goal

Courses must include expected learning outcomes that clarify their value and purpose.


Courses will cover specific topics within your area of expertise. For the sake of revenue, we encourage you to choose a topic with high demand.

Set Your Price

Set the amount of money you want to earn per purchased video. You will always earn 100% of your asking price.

Teaching Materials

In addition to video content, your course may utilize other teaching materials such as text, images, slideshows and more.