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and increase productivity with help from experienced IT managers, system administrators, software engineers, CIOs, and consultants.


with professional training courses that enhance technical knowledge, as well as the ability to collaborate with global professionals in real time.


from the largest online IT team in the world and see how innovation and efficiency can benefit your company.


Invest in yourselves with continuing education and achieve certifications that benefit personal and company growth. With Cloud Class®, you gain:

  • Access to a growing library of professional training courses for every department in your office, with topics such as cybersecurity, cloud management, IT service management, business skills, HR, and marketing.
  • Fast-track paths to industry certifications.
  • Courses delivered by highly certified instructors who’ve “been there, done that” in tech.


Meet your new tech support team, available every day of the year. As a Business Account member, your benefits include:

  • Unlimited questions and instant access to all past solutions.
  • Faster access to help with question customizations, such as secure and priority question capabilities.
  • Expansive tech support with solutions in topics ranging from networking and sysadmin to virtualization and so much more.


Increase internal efficiency with free diagnostic and discovery tools, built with your technology solutions in mind.


Receive real-time 1:1 help from technology experts—the first five minutes are free! You can even get paid to provide your own expert advice for projects and jobs.


Gather your coworkers and peers in a private group discussion and even invite subject-matter experts to join the chat when needed.

What Teams Have To Say

  • Experts Exchange has been an invaluable resource to our developers. Most of our questions are code-based and occasionally we require assistance on server configuration. Experts Exchange has never failed in solving our technology questions and the diversity in knowledge is phenomenal.

    Isaac KhaziChief Technology Officer
  • We are thankful to communities like Experts Exchange which are perfect sources of feedback for the product group to be able to continually innovate and improve.

    Shakun GroverProgram Manager
  • Experts Exchange has saved countless hours for my staff and myself. A quick search or two usually gives a solution. Experts Exchange is truly a bargain. I’ve dropped Microsoft’s Tech Net as Experts Exchange is so much more useful.

    Bob SchatzmanIT Manager
  • My staff and I use Experts Exchange on a daily basis to solve all kinds of issues. We have used it to fix critical production issues all the way down to pull-your-hair-out user problems. Money well spent. One answer can be worth the cost of a lifetime membership!

    Jakub HansonDirector of Infrastructure
  • Experts Exchange provides my students with mentorship, real-world experience, and concrete answers to questions about technology and cutting-edge careers. This helps my students learn, enhance their creativity, gain a sense of direction, and follow their dreams.

    David EisenbergMedia Specialist

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As low as $16.67 USD / month per license