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Joe Winograd
Experts Exchange Fellow (inaugural achievement)
  • 52 years in the industry
  • ICCP Certified Computing Professional
  • Computer science specialty, worked in AI
  • Published 80+ articles and videos of instruction on Experts Exchange
  • Over 3,000 problems solved
Andrew Hancock
Expert of the Year recipient since 2011
  • 28 years in the industry
  • VMware vExpert
  • ITIL Service Management Foundation
  • VMware and Virtualization Consultant
  • Over 17,000 problems solved
Shaun Vermaak
Experts Exchange Rookie of the Year
  • 18 years in the industry
  • IBM Certified Solution Designer, MCITP, MCPD, MCSA, MCSD, MCSE, MCTS
  • Certified Ethical Hacker
  • Experience in Active Directory, Security, Windows OS, Microsoft Office, Hardware
  • Over 3,000 problems solved
Vitor Montalvão
Experts Exchange Veteran: Databases & SQL
  • 25 years in the industry
  • Microsoft Certified Technology Specialist
  • Experience in IT Infrastructure, SQL Server, R code
  • Over 4,000 problems solved
Certified Experience
Our experts maintain top certifications in major technologies and widely used platforms, with years of proven industry experience. They're always ready to help.
Real-World Application
Expert knowledge stretches from troubleshooting and best practices to integration techniques and niche topics, making our professionals the people you turn to when a problem strikes.
Whether your issue is big, small, or time-sensitive, our experts showcase high levels of professionalism and respect as they work through the issue alongside your team.
Industry Recognition
Learn from—and collaborate with—seasoned professionals who have built their career on their knowledge and trusted expertise. They’re invested in paying it forward.
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Trusted security analysis sends you actionable alerts.
Reduce security risks, protect against malware, and safeguard data through a comprehensive evaluation of your existing security. Receive on-demand alerts that monitor vulnerabilities and recommend necessary improvements.
  • IconsPrevent company data breaches.
  • IconsVerify secure domain configurations.
  • IconsOptimize site performance and availability.
  • IconsDetect malicious activity and blacklistings.

"What amazes me about the Experts Exchange community is how much so many experts know about so many topics—it's mind boggling to look at the range and depth of the assistance that's available. It's a community that helps newcomers grow while also furthering the established careers of professionals like myself."

Scott Helmers Partner at Harvard Computing Group

"Experts Exchange provides my students with mentorship, real-world experience, and concrete answers to questions about technology and cutting-edge careers."

David Eisenberg Media Specialist

"Experts Exchange has been an invaluable resource to our developers."

Isaac Khazi Chief Technology Officer

"Instead of going to a course and having to take off several days of work, I can now learn [while] sitting at my desk at work or at home at a fraction of the price."

Stacy Price IT Manager
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What do you mean by 24/7 tech support?
Someone is always online to help. That's right. We gathered global tech professionals in one place, so you can find solutions for your toughest tech problems in the moments when you need it most—even in the middle of the night.
Who are your tech experts?
System and network administrators, IT managers, software engineers, consultants, CTOs, CIOs, and more—just to name a few. Our experts and members come from various technical backgrounds and interests, and many find they learn from helping just as much as they do from asking. Get to know our top performing members here.
What is a Business Account License?
Experts Exchange Business Accounts are built for departments of any size that have two or more employees using the membership account. Each employee uses one license in the account.
How do I contact my account manager?
Account managers can be contacted by phone at +1.877.211.8911, by email at, or through live chat.
What is a solution guide?
Solution guides are a resource for you. These volunteer experts work hard to ensure all users get working solutions for their unique and critical problems. When a question is time-sensitive, reach out to a solution guide for help finding an available expert who can shed some light on the issue. If you have a question that hasn't been solved, solution guides can follow up for you.
Can I swap out account licenses between employees?
Yes! Through your administrator dashboard you can view employee licenses and not only swap them between employees, but add new licenses as well as delete old licenses for employees who may no longer be with your company.
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