Certified Professional Experts

When a crisis strikes, you want help from experts you can trust. Experts Exchange’s Certified Professionals have real-world experience, maintain top certifications, demonstrate high levels of professionalism, are well-known, and remain highly dedicated to sharing their knowledge with users like you.

That’s why we acknowledge our Certified Professionals with specific levels of recognition for effectively showcasing their expertise, knowledge, and passion for helping others on site. There are three levels Certified Professionals can achieve, ranked from highest level to lowest level: Renowned Expert, Trusted Expert, and Verified Expert

Recognized Experts:RenownedTrustedVerified

Renowned Expert is the highest level of recognition, exclusively awarded to Experts Exchange Certified Professionals who provide innovative, thoughtful solutions to the toughest challenges while demonstrating superior subject-matter expertise.

Gain access to these high-achieving, world-famous experts who show true commitment to their industry through an Experts Exchange account.

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As the second-highest level of recognition, Trusted Experts have proven to be trustworthy and knowledgeable through their continued professional interactions on site.

Experts Exchange encourages users like you to network with these vetted, passionate individuals who are committed to staying current with certifications and the industry’s latest best practices.

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Verified Expert is the third-highest level of recognition, reserved for those who have proven their technical qualifications and work hard to help others solve their technology problems.

These individuals are earning greater levels of trust on site and have proven themselves in their field. With an Experts Exchange account, you can engage with these experts on relevant tech topics and ask questions of their expertise.

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