Expert Ranks & Certifications

Technology experts from all over the world compete on Experts Exchange by sharing their tech knowledge. Experts earn points by answering questions and writing articles—top performers are recognized with ranks, certifications and free stuff.

Ranks and certs are available to all members, so you can find out just how smart your experts are.

Member Rank

Based on your overall point total, this is where you rank numerically amongst the other experts. You can sort and filter to see where you rank for questions and/or articles, plus see your standing in individual topics.

Topic Rank

The topic rank is a snapshot for every topic in which you've participated. Instead of displaying a list of experts, it only displays your rank information for the selected area. Like the member rank you may sort for questions and/or articles and filter for specific topics.

Expert Certifications

Certifications mark significant point milestones on a specific topics, starting with Master (50,000) and going all the way up to Legend (100 million). With each expert certification you'll earn a new shield, a printable certificate and a swanky t-shirt. Points from both questions and articles are counted.

Overall Certification

Overall certification is based on your total points (questions and articles), using the same titles and shields as expert certifications. No shirts for overall certs, though (sorry).

Confused? Here's an example.

SallyExpert has 152,000 total points-that makes her a Guru, so her EEple (avatar) displays the shield you see here. She's earned 75,000 points in Font Software, 40,000 in Adobe Acrobat and 37,000 in Graphics. That means she's a Master in Font Software and has thus earned one t-shirt.

Expert Ranks

Experts exchange offers eleven certifications you can earn. You may earn these certifications overall or in specific topics.

Master50,000 Points5,377 Experts
Guru150,000 Points2,058 Experts
Wizard300,000 Points982 Experts
Sage500,000 Points803 Experts
Genius1,000,000 Points535 Experts
Ace2,500,000 Points171 Experts
Prodigy5,000,000 Points84 Experts
Savant10,000,000 Points50 Experts
Elite25,000,000 Points4 Experts
Technocrat50,000,000 Points0 Experts
Legend100,000,000 Points0 Experts

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