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Experts Exchange has over three million members from around the world working together to solve daily issues, learn new technical skills and advance their career. Experts Exchange gives its members the professional exposure and valued relationships key to building the career they want.

Our Expert Members answer questions, write training articles, and author videos to help their fellow members solve daily issues, learn new technical skills, and advance their career. As a result, these technical Experts build a detailed online profile that demonstrates their technical experience and knowledge.

Meet Some Expert Members

Rob Jurd
IT Business Analyst, Australia
Alan Hardisty
IT Director, United Kingdom
Kevin Cross
IT Manager, U.S.A.
John Hurst
Business Consultant, Canada
Mohammed Rahman
Client Services Manager, India
Robert Schutt
Software Engineer, Netherlands

"Through writing how-to articles and tutorials on Experts Exchange, I was able to demonstrate my Microsoft expertise which was the main reason I received Microsoft's Most Valuable Professional award."

Alison Balter Author and Company President InfoTech Services Group

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