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Outlook Troubleshooting Training For Technicians

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Tutorial Syllabus(8 Lessons)

Outlook Troubleshooting Video 1
1 lessons31m 08s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 2
1 lessons47m 22s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 3
1 lessons45m 56s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 4
1 lessons20m 38s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 5
1 lessons32m 16s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 6
1 lessons36m 16s
Outlook Troubleshooting Video 7
1 lessons25m 05s
Video 8 Wrap Up
1 lessons1m 29s

Tutorial Description

Learn from an Expert how to troubleshoot, repair and resolve Outlook technical issues

Outlook is a program that contains a lot of data, lots of moving parts and offers 100’s of features which are all guaranteed to break at some point. As well, it’s the program most used with the Office 365 Business Plans. These videos will train you how to properly prepare, repair and learn Outlook in a 360 view.

Technicians should buy these videos to:
◾Advance their technical knowledge with Outlook, Exchange and supporting Office 365
◾Stop losing unbillable time trying to resolve issues you are not familiar with
◾Raise your rates and offer Outlook as a premium service
◾Have a marketing advantage over your competitors because you can promote Outlook as a service your company offers

You will learn
◾More knowledge about Outlook that allows you to fix and repair issues more quickly
◾How to create a spot check and backup Outlook data safely before performing work
◾How to troubleshoot without Outlook being open/won’t launch
◾How to create more sales with your clients by offering Outlook repairs and troubleshooting
◾How to repair and recover OST and PST files in Outlook

About the trainer
I’m Lisa Hendrickson, aka Call That Girl.  I have been supporting all email platforms since 1996. In 2000, I focused on being a top helpdesk technician for Outlook at many corporate jobs. In 2007 I started Call That Girl and since 2013 I have chosen to only support Outlook and Office 365. I also have written six eBooks and created 100’s of videos, blogs and articles, all about Outlook! I’m also for hire as an Outlook Expert and Office 365 Consultant.

Tutorial Details

4h 00m 09s


Lisa Hendrickson "CallThatGirl"
Lisa Hendrickson "CallThatGirl"Outlook Expert

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