Essentials of Professional VLSI Digital Design

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Tony Thomas has more than 20 years of experience in the semiconductor industry. His areas of expertize include IP and SOC front-end design, RTL coding and simulations, Electronic Design and Automation, device power management, system  interconnect architecture and SPEC-to-GDSII SOC project  execution. He founded Logosent Semiconductors India Pvt. Ltd., which focuses on delivering professional VLSI training, turn-key ASIC/FPGA Services and differentiated IP/DSP products. Prior to founding Logosent Semiconductors, he worked in Texas Instruments for more than 16 years, leading various IP and SOC design projects, heading multiple design organizations in Houston and Bangalore. He has also worked in the product development wings of  Wipro Infotech (Bangalore) and NCR Corporation (South Carolina), before joining Texas Instruments.

About the Course

1. Thorough understanding of all commonly used Verilog/SystemVerilog constructs, fortified through detailed analysis of simulations using specially designed reference code.

2. Robust design techniques towards enhancing the reliability, performance, power, area and configurability that are key towards building a successful career in the VLSI design field.

3. Labs/mini-projects tailored towards developing a systematic design approach, guided by clear instructions combining screen-shots and expert tips.

4. Progressive design implementation exercises from simple examples to relatively more complex ones, each one coupled with simple SystemVerilog test-bench creation for design sanity checking.

5. Basic synthesis and gate-netlist schematic analysis exercises that help in building a hardware implementation perspective on top of the HDL coding skills

6. A design-automation example using Perl and exercises that provide a jump-start with Perl programming.

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Posted: 21 August, 2017
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