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Practical Implementation of How to Filter routes from the Routers

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Tutorial Description

In this course the viewer will learn important skill of how to filter routes that are unwanted from the routing tables. This skill will also help the viewer to keep the routing tables clean in an organization, thus keeping the network safe from malicious networks.

Follow the author as he going through these steps below

1. Building Topology to simulate a routing map.
2. Creating 4 cases of different networks and how to filter these networks using Prefix-list.

Tutorial Details

37m 50s


smart Z
I am a Network Solutions Architect and have over 15 years of experience in networking. My expertise are in LAN and WAN implementations. I have worked in large organizations as a network consultant and integrator. I am the founder of 3 main businesses below. and   and  

Please do check out my websites. I design and bring solutions based on implementation in real world situations and I want to fill that gap in technology.

God bless you all.
smart ZNetwork Solutions

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