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Network+ Exam N10-006

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Tutorial Syllabus(69 Lessons)

Network+ Overview
1 lessons20m 27s
Various Network Devices
2 lessons2h 57m 24s
WAN Technologies
2 lessons3h 05m 18s
Network Cables and Connectors
2 lessons2h 57m 46s
Common Network Topologies
1 lessons1h 08m 08s
1 lessons1h 10m 10s
Basic Routing
2 lessons2h 48m 29s
Communication Technologies
1 lessons1h 00m 36s
Cloud and Virtualization
1 lessons1h 35m 58s
Building a Basic Network
1 lessons1h 08m 30s
IPv4 Subnetting
2 lessons2h 54m 15s
IP Addressing
2 lessons2h 29m 26s
Wireless Infrastructure
1 lessons1h 15m 29s
OSI Layers
1 lessons1h 18m 06s
Basic Network Theory
1 lessons1h 42m 41s
Ports and Protocols
2 lessons1h 14m 07s
Additional Information
2 lessons49m 20s

Tutorial Description

The Network+ certification was introduced by CompTIA in 1999 and was designed to do for Network Technicians what the A+ certification did for Computer Technicians. Obtaining Network+ certification shows that the holder possess the same knowledge and skills of someone who has worked for nine months as a Network Technician. The Network+ exam covers topics ranging from theory (terminology, topology and design) to hardware (routers, switches and cabling) and provides users with a broad, vendor neutral perspective on the topics required to work in the field of Network Administration.
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Tutorial Details

74h 41m 07s


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