Practical Implementation of Route Redistribution between Networks

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In this course the author explains the facts needed to design and implement route redistribution between different networks running different routing protocols. The author shows different topologies and does step by step configuration and applies route redistribution.

The skill to know how to do route redistribution is very essential for any network engineer at any level, this skill help the student know how to integrate networks during business acquisitions.

About the Author

Habib Zakaria is a Network Solutions Architect and has over 15 years of experience in networking, His expertise are in LAN and WAN implementations, he has worked in large organizations as a network consultant and integrator.
Posted: 05 March, 2018
Chapter 1 - Facts about Route Redistribution+
Chapter 2 - Scenario 1 +
Chapter 3 - Scenario 2 +
Chapter 4 - Scenario 3+
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