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Hadoop: Intermediate

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Course Syllabus(55 Lessons)

Hadoop: Intermediate - Chapter 01 - YARN
Hadoop: Intermediate - Chapter 02 - Nifi
Hadoop: Intermediate - Chapter 03 - MapReduce and Hbase
Hadoop: Intermediate - Chapter 04 - Creating an HBase App

Course Description

In this Hadoop Intermediate course, you’ll learn about some advanced features and applications used in Hadoop, including YARN, Tez and Spark, Flume and NiFi, MapReduce, HBase, and how to create an HBase App.

Hadoop has made some major changes over the years. One of the more significant changes is Yet Another Resource Negotiator (YARN). You’ll learn why YARN is an important technology upgrade and how it works within the Hadoop ecosystem. We’ll look at the services that comprise the YARN framework within Hadoop and how they work together to provide a cohesive environment for applications.

We’ll introduce you to newcomers Tez (which improves efficiency for certain kinds of jobs over MapReduce) and Spark, a tool that expands Hadoop development capabilities by adding a number of new languages such as Python. We will look at how Spark applications are generally easier to build than traditional MapReduce applications.

We’re going to show you how to install a Hortonworks Data Flow (HDF) library and get Nifi up and running in the Hadoop Sandbox. Once installed, your system will be ready to create sophisticated Nifi workflows to do ETL.

You will learn about the MapReduce Combiner, why you would use it and how you would use it. You will gain an understanding of how the combiner fits within a typical MapReduce application and how to implement it within Hadoop.

This course will end with an overview on HBase and how to create an HBase App.

Course Details

4h 30m 29s


Kevin McCarty
I’m a computer professional with over 30 years of experience in the industry as a programmer, project manager, database administrator, architect, and data scientist. I’m a Microsoft Certified Trainer with more than 25 individual certifications in programming and database technologies. I serve as the chapter leader of the Boise SQL Server Users Group. As a former army officer and Eagle Scout, I hold a doctorate in computer science and have a lifelong love of learning.
Kevin McCartyInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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