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Ruby: Fundamentals

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Course Syllabus(44 Lessons)

Ruby: Fundamentals - Chapter 01 - Getting Started
Ruby: Fundamentals - Chapter 02 - Classes and Methods
Ruby: Fundamentals - Chapter 03 - Variables and Data Structures
Ruby: Fundamentals - Chapter 04 - Loops and Enumerable Methods
Ruby: Fundamentals - Chapter 05 - Finishing Touches

Course Description

In this introduction to Ruby programming fundamentals, we’ll cover a history of the Ruby programming language and tools and techniques that will be used throughout this course, Including how to install Ruby on various operating systems.

We’ll cover methods in Ruby, including how to define methods, understanding what methods return, and how to work with various types of arguments.

Then, you’ll learn how variables work in the Ruby language. Specifically, how to store values in variables, work with multiple data types, cast variables from one type to another, and leverage variable scope.

Next, learn how to implement various loops in a Ruby program. This includes while, generic, and each loops which are the standard ways to iterate through collections.

Moving on to how to work with files in Ruby programs including how to create a new file, pulling data in from a file, adding information to an pre-existing file, and deleting a file on a computer or server.

The input/output section will cover various methods for printing out to the console including ways to format output, how to get in clean data typed into the console and sent via arguments into scripts, and different methods for processing large amounts of data using the heredoc syntax.

Lastly, we’ll discuss what RubyGems are and how to incorporate them into Ruby Applications.

Course Details

5h 11m 12s


Jordan Hudgens
I have certifications for Ruby on Rails, Thinkful; Ruby on Rails,; Front End Development, Thinkful; and AngularJS, Thinkful. I’m currently vice president of engineering for TRACKR in Midland, Texas and am working on my Ph.D. in computer science from Texas Tech. In addition to Ruby, I work with PHP, JavaScript, MySQL, Postgres, CSS3, C, C++, C#, Objective-C, and Python. I also work with the frameworks Rails (Ruby), Zend (PHP), and Django (Python), plus the libraries AngularJS, jQuery, and Backbone.js.
Jordan HudgensInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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