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Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals

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Course Syllabus(131 Lessons)

Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 01 - Install and Configure
Topic A: Installing Python - Part 1
3 lessons16m 38s
Topic B: Python Documentation - Part 1
3 lessons30m 22s
Topic C: Command Line - Part 1
3 lessons17m 26s
Topic D: Variables - Part 1
4 lessons28m 33s
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 02 - Syntax, Import, Other Topics
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 03 - Statements
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 04 - Types
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 05 - Strings, Booleans, and Files
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 06 - Lists, Tuples, Comprehensions
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 07 - Functions
Python 3 Part 01: Fundamentals - Module 08 - Classes

Course Description

As the course starts, we’ll go over Python fundamentals, including how to download and install Python. It is recommended you download Python 3.

We’ll discuss how Python can interact with command line arguments, you’ll learn how to write a Python program, and how to run that program from the command line by passing in command line arguments that the code can then retrieve and make use of within the code.

Then, we’ll take a look at some simple Python syntax, such as defining comments, calling functions, indentation, input from the keyboard, implement statements, statement continuations, assignments, and the “pass” keyword. We’ll move on to importing modules and additional functions from there.

Next, you’ll learn about statements: If, Elif, and Else. Then, we’ll move on to the For keyword for implementing for-loops, how to implement loops in your code with while keyword, exec function, and iterable objects.

Then, we’ll look at data types and number types. We’ll learn about strings, booleans, files, lists, tuples, comprehensions. Lastly, we’ll begin our exploration of functions and classes.

Course Details

8h 42m 05s


Peter Thorsteinson
I’ve been working for two decades in many areas of Microsoft-based software development technologies, including all the latest languages, frameworks, and tools. I’ve been involved in several large-scale software development projects and have authored and co-authored several books and courses relating to ASP.NET, AJAX, JavaScript, WPF, WCF, WF, ADO.NET, and LINQ. I’m currently focusing on ASP.NET MVC, jQuery, Task Parallel Library, Windows Azure, and SharePoint Development.
Peter ThorsteinsonAuthor, Instructor, and Curriculum Developer

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