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Programming C# 6: Intermediate

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Course Syllabus(90 Lessons)

Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 01 - Types and Operators
Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 02 - Precedence and Nulls
Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 03 - XML and File I/O
Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 04 - Strings and Dates
Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 05 - Conditionals and Looping
Programming C# 6: Intermediate - Module 06 - Objects and Classes

Course Description

This course is an intermediate lesson on how to operate one of the most versatile programming languages available: C# 6.

It begins with an overview of the types and operators within the programming, including how to convert data types, using convert or parse, value and reference types, and operators.

We will then get into precedence and nulls, describing the relationship between logical operators and precedence, nulls and default values, null handling operators, and nullable data types.

Next, we will cover XML and File I/O, which will include lessons on .NET framework classes, working with XML, and file input and output.

We will continue to strings and dates, discussing how to work with strings, methods of string class, formatting strings, using StringBuilder, working with dates and times, and using TimeSpan structure.

This will lead into conditionals and looping, by detailing conditional branching, switch statements, repeating code blocks, controlled looping, and unconditional branching.

Lastly, we will highlight objects and classes by diving into class properties and methods, creating a class, visual studio for classes, implementing class code, and adding class methods.

Course Details

7h 35m 21s


Don Kiely
I’m an instructor on many SQL Server and Visual Studio courses. I’m a nationally recognized author, instructor, and consultant specializing in Microsoft technologies. With many years of teaching experience, I’m the author or co-author of several programming books, and have spoken at many industry conferences and user groups. In addition, I’m a consultant for a variety of companies that develop distributed applications for public and private organizations.
Don KielyInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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