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70-662: Deploying Microsoft Exchange Server 2010

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Course Syllabus(318 Lessons)

70-662: Module 01 - Active Directory and Supporting Infrastructure
Active Directory and Supporting Infrastructure
49 lessons2h 01m 54s
70-662: Module 02 - Mailbox Servers and Recipients
70-662: Module 04 - Managing Message Transports
70-662: Module 05 - Exchange Security
70-662: Module 06 - Implementing High Availability

Course Description

In this course, we want to begin with understanding what requirements are needed for your infrastructure to deploy Exchange Server.

We’ll start with an overview of Active Directory and how to prepare your Active Directory for Exchange Server, moving into the different types of installations for your business needs. We’ll go over simple, standard, and complex organization deployments. We’ll then give you a demonstration of the actual installation process of Exchange. Once Exchange is installed, we’ll continue by teaching you about the different roles of Exchange, focusing on recipients, mailbox servers, client access, and message transport.

Once we’ve covered these roles, we’ll take a look into security and maintaining exchange server. We’ll identify different security risks within Exchange Server, securing your different roles, what permissions are necessary on edge transport, SMTP connections, reverse proxies, and firewalls.

Lastly, we’ll spend some time on how to implement high availability; in other words, how to make sure Exchange services and data are always available to users. We’ll talk about shadow redundancy, software vs hardware vs backups, and how to handle disaster mitigation.

The MCTS: Microsoft Exchange Server 2010 certification validates your skills in supporting the maintenance and administration of the Exchange servers in an enterprise environment.

Course Details

14h 32m 38s


Sandra Batakis
With more than 25 years of experience, I currently maintain my status as a Senior Microsoft Certified Instructor and Microsoft Certified Systems Engineer, all while working as a software and network consultant. I possesses extensive hands-on IT networking experience, including building computer networking infrastructures and implementing and migrating data to Microsoft Exchange. Throughout my career, I have delivered numerous Microsoft and CompTIA classroom-based as well as online boot camps and seminars across the United States.
Sandra BatakisA+ Trainer, MCT, MCSE, CIW

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