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Microsoft Office 2010: New Features

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Course Syllabus(167 Lessons)

Microsoft Office 2010: New Features - Unit 01 - The Office 2010 Interface

Course Description

This training path will introduce participants to the new interfaces and features of Microsoft Office 2010 Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Access. Participants will learn about the new features that are shared between all products in the Office suite, as well as the new features that are product specific.

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3h 08m 18s


Tracy Berry
I’ve been a senior programmer, instructor, and consultant for more than 18 years. I’ve utilized Microsoft Office applications in many different forms, including marketing materials, multimedia solutions, and websites. Over the years, I’ve demonstrated great versatility in these products, producing content of many different forms for many different types of clients. I now teach both online and onsite and have my CTT (Certified Technical Trainer) certification.
Tracy BerrySenior Programmer, Instructor, and Consultant

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