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Microsoft Project 2013: Part 1

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Course Syllabus(115 Lessons)

Course Description

This path teaches the basic commands and features of Microsoft Project 2013. Participants will learn how to start a project, work with project calendars, and work with project tasks. Participants will also learn about working with project resources and delivering a project plan.

This is the first course in the Microsoft Project 2013 path. Upon completion of this course, continue the path by taking Microsoft Project 2013: Part 2.

Course Details

3h 37m 04s


Debbie Fierst
In 1990 I started—and still own—a thriving technology training, consulting, and development firm. As a summa cum laude graduate of Indiana Wesleyan University, I hold various technical certifications. I teach more than 60 software applications and programming languages both online and in-person, but I specialize in business and project-management topics. My presentations are packed with strategies, statistics, real-life examples, and common-sense messages.
Debbie FierstPresident and Owner

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