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Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) - Word 2016 Intermediate

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Course Description

This training path covers the intermediate functions and features of Word 2016. In this path, participants will learn about organizing with tables and charts, customizing with styles and themes, and controlling the flow of a document. Participants will also learn to use Quick Parts and templates to automate document formatting. Participants will also learn to manage long documents and use mail merge to create letters, envelopes, and labels.

Career Path: In high-growth industries, entry-level employees who hold a Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification can earn up to $16,000 more, annually, than their peers. Five times as many high-growth/high-salary positions require experience with Office than all non-Microsoft software skills combined. Twenty-nine percent of tomorrow’s high-growth/high-wage positions require Office or Office-related skills.

This is the second course in the Microsoft Office Word 2016 path. Prior to taking this course, participants should complete Microsoft Office Word 2016: Part 1. Upon completing this course, continue this path by taking Microsoft Office Word 2016: Part 3.
Office 2013 combines cloud and web technologies to extend the way you create and consume information and introduces a new cloud app model for you to build secure and flexible apps—all discoverable from the familiar Office interface.

Certification Exam Details:
Participants who complete this path can take Exam 77-725 for Microsoft Office Word 2016.

This path is part of the training that will prepare you for the Microsoft Office Specialist Certification. Learn more about this certification.

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Patrick Loner
I’ve worked in the IT industry for more than 15 years, specializing in Microsoft operating systems, from Windows NT 4.0 up to Windows 10. I’ve worked as a Microsoft Certified Trainer and as an IT consultant, helping companies deploy new operating systems and servers. I have experience in both the deployment and support aspects of Microsoft operating systems.
Patrick LonerInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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