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Customer Service Basics

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Course Syllabus(78 Lessons)

Course Description

In this course, we will learn how to focus on the customer, customer service on the telephone, addressing customer complaints, and enduring stress.

First, we will understand customer service, outline customer expectations, and talk about committing yourself to providing excellent service.

Next, we will learn how to focus on the customer by making a positive first impression, identifying the help that’s needed to meet the customer’s needs, and how to create a positive, lasting impression.

Then, we will review customer service over the phone by addressing how to answer the phone, project your voice, and transfer calls. You will also learn effective ways to take meaningful messages.

We will then explore handling complaints by reviewing how to make it easy for customers to voice their concerns, how to resolve their problems, and how to cope with customers when they become upset or difficult.

Lastly, we will understand how to endure stress in the workplace by describing what stress is, how to take preventative measures, and how to overcome it.

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1h 16m 30s


Angela Kegler
Since 2004, I’ve provided training to organizations of all sizes around the world. My training programs and consultative development strategies are known to result in positive organizational improvement. I earned my MBA and MS in Leadership and Business Ethics at Duquesne University. In addition, I have my Ph.D. in organizational development and leadership from Capella University. I hold several certifications, including Certified Professional in Learning and Performance, certified Ken Blanchard Situational Leadership II trainer, certified in Myers-Briggs Type Indicator and DiSC Assessments, have certification in Lominger Leadership Architect, and am a Certified Team and Executive Coach.
Angela KeglerPhD - Chief Learning Officer at The Kegler Group

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