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Course Syllabus(325 Lessons)

Course Description

In this course, you will learn about the world of Human Resources (HR) Management. We will go over what you will be doing in an HR position and why these things are critical to the function of the company.

We will explore what drives, motivates, and excites people, and the techniques used to keep employees engaged. We are going to dive into the aspects of both individual and group behavior (and the interactions between the two). We will then explore the benefits and challenges present in the interactions between technology and people.

Next, we will tackle leadership and begin to understand the critical role leadership plays in the development of a company. We will also talk about the concerns of the HR department, which include the employees’ interactions with the previously listed topics. HR’s constant battle is weighing needs of management against those of the employees, and you will learn how to reach a fair solution.

Along the way, you will also be introduced to some common methods for managing these items and the best way to deal with people who are abusing their leadership position. This section will include tools on how to train your managers and leaders to ensure effective leadership and an efficient path to creating solutions.

By combining all of these lessons, you will have acquired the skills to become an invaluable asset within the Human Resources department and your organization as a whole.

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15h 01m 42s


Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai
I have a BA in psychology and speech communication, a master’s in business communication and a Ph.D. in applied management and decision sciences. All this has enabled me to help many people become more effective in the workplace by teaching the important correlation between communication, behavior, and business. My goal is to help people function more efficiently at work, which in turn helps them function more effectively in their day-to-day lives.
Dr. Kozhi Sidney MakaiInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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