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Course Syllabus(374 Lessons)

Effective Legal Office Administration: Lesson 02 - The Law Office

Course Description

This course covers the details of legal office administration. Participants will learn about certifications for paralegals, including the NALA, NAFP, and NALS certifications, as well as a description of the distinction between paralegal and legal assistant. This section will also cover the exam format and how to prepare for it.

Next, the law office will be broken apart by covering ethical considerations, maintaining integrity, unauthorized practice of law, client relations, dealing with mail, file management, use of technology, and essential skills.

We will then discuss billing, time and cost entries, trust accounts, and docket administration.
Next, we will cover the preparation of legal documents, including legal citation, legal research, and the law library.

Litigation will cover opening the file, delivery of documents, motions prior to trial, and motions during trial. Contracts will cover the essential elements and damages, while torts will discuss intentional torts, negligence, and strict liability.

Criminal law and procedure will cover procedures and amendments; family law will cover marriage, annulment, divorce, child custody, and support agreements; business law includes partnerships and corporations; and lastly, real estate covers concurrent ownership, deeds, mortgages, estate planning and guardianship, and bankruptcy.

Course Details

7h 49m 57s


Nichole Hoskins Goudreau
I’ve been a licensed attorney since 2002 and have advanced training in trial advocacy. I’ve worked in both criminal and civil legal environments, both as a prosecutor and as a private attorney. I’ve also trained hundreds of future criminal justice professionals as an instructor and have developed continuing legal education programs for attorneys.
Nichole Hoskins GoudreauAttorney, Curriculum Developer, and Instructor

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