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Introduction to Human Resource Concepts

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Course Description

This course outlines 5 major functions of Human Resources (HR). The first function covers attracting and retaining employees, including how to bring in the best type of worker and how to engage them with the company’s work.

The second function relates to recruiting, selecting, and orienting these employees. This means not only sourcing the right types of people, but engaging them in the work, showing them what your company is about, and preparing them for open positions.

The third function is about training and development; this involves the process of training employees for future opportunities. This type of training can include technical and personal knowledge, management, leadership, personal development, and computer skills.

The fourth function refers to performance appraisals; here, you learn how to compare an employee’s quality of work with the amount of resources provided to them.  This comparison will help you evaluate a person’s contributions to the company.

The fifth and final function relates to the legal environment of HR, which is also known as the Bill of Rights for Employers and Employees. This function will discuss the laws in place to protect employees and employers within a company.

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Dr. Kozhi Sidney Makai
I have a BA in psychology and speech communication, a master’s in business communication and a Ph.D. in applied management and decision sciences. All this has enabled me to help many people become more effective in the workplace by teaching the important correlation between communication, behavior, and business. My goal is to help people function more efficiently at work, which in turn helps them function more effectively in their day-to-day lives.
Dr. Kozhi Sidney MakaiInstructor and Curriculum Developer

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