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Introduction to Legal Concepts

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Course Syllabus(258 Lessons)

Course Description

In this course, you will be taught a brief history of American Law, including how the United States court system works.

You will learn about the players in the legal system, including those present in the courtroom as well those who are part of the courtroom work group. This will include material on U.S. Courts, the criminal justice system, juries, the Supreme Court, prosecutors, defense attorneys, judges, and more.

You will learn how to find and cite legal materials and understand how a criminal case moves through the court system. These insights will relate to law and crime, and they will cover important dialogue on reporters, citations, the adversary system, proof, and how the various levels of crime are dealt with. You will learn all about how trials and juries operate.

You will learn terminology for both criminal and civil cases. We will also go over law office operation procedures and how to conduct legal research using free online resources. You will get an introduction to the different parts of civil law and an extensive overview of terminology for legal concepts.

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5h 09m 17s


Nichole Hoskins Goudreau
I’ve been a licensed attorney since 2002 and have advanced training in trial advocacy. I’ve worked in both criminal and civil legal environments, both as a prosecutor and as a private attorney. I’ve also trained hundreds of future criminal justice professionals as an instructor and have developed continuing legal education programs for attorneys.
Nichole Hoskins GoudreauAttorney, Curriculum Developer, and Instructor

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