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Introduction to Personal Computers Using Windows 8

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Course Syllabus(114 Lessons)

Course Description

This course will talk about personal computers, including the different components and peripherals they involve such as the lock screen, the sign-in screen, tiles, the account ID menu, and more.

We will then dive into the Windows 8 user interface where the operating system and hardware work together to produce your documents and data. We will discuss modern applications and the most common navigation features, including shortcuts, charms, the switcher, the snap feature, and other useful tools.

Then, we’ll discuss desktop applications and accessing the web through Internet Explorer Version 10. There will be an overview of the components of Internet Explorer and the useful tools it provides. Additionally, we will show you how to customize Windows 8 within the start screen and the desktop.

Lastly, we will cover security features you can implement, including passwords, defenders, and SkyDrive.

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4h 08m 16s


Ken Mayer
As a certified Microsoft Instructor, I’ve focused my career on various security aspects of computer and network technology since the early ’80s. I’ve worked on a wide variety of IT training and high-level consulting projects for Fortune 500 companies worldwide. Through the course of my extensive career, I have taught a full line of Microsoft, CompTIA, Cisco, and other high level IT Security curricula.
Ken MayerMicrosoft Instructor

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